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F-102A Delta Dagger Cockpit (Field Modified) V.5

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About This File

This is a field-modified Convair F-102A Delta Dagger cockpit for Veltro2k's beautiful F-102A based on Pasko's F-106 stunning cockpit.


It has been modified over time by crews in the field as newer equipment came in and older equipment broke down and needed to be replaced. Apparently historically after time, almost no two F-102A cockpits had the same equipment in the same places as the others.


This is based on Pasko's beautiful later Convair F-106A Delta Dart Cockpit.


Tape gages were eliminated. Round gages were added. The moving map was removed and the radar display was changed and made a historically correct orange. The radar hood was made into a F-102A version. Lots of other detail work done was from actual color cockpit photos. It is much "greyer" and simpler than the later F-106A cockpit.


The F-102A was actually involved in air-air combat in Viet Nam while on a B-52 escort mission. One F-102A was shot down in ambush by a Mig 21 with an Atoll missile on 3 February 1968 according to the ACIG website. Another F-102A shot several Hughes AIM-4 falcon missiles at a Mig-21 but the results were not seen.


According to the ACIG website, a Turkish F-102A was in combat against Greek F-5s with shootdowns and other combats reported in July 1974.




Thanks to Pasko for his fantastic F-106 cockpit included in the complete later F-106A Delta Dart that you can download at CombatAce.


If I forgot anyone, I appologize and please tell me. I finished this cockpit about a year before the Veltro2k F-102A was released and I lost track of things.


Apparently some USAAF Viet Nam pilots jury-rigged a mini-gun into the F-102 for some extra buzz.


Version History:


V.2 You can now see the wing tips and wing tanks from the cockpit...thanks for Lexx_luthor's suggestion

Thanks to Dave to point out the goof I made that it was Pasko's F-106 cockpit and not Dave's that I based the model on.


V.3 Added to the bottom right instrument panel: 1) an AC voltmeter and 2) a master warning test and reset switch which some photos show and 3) more detail to the warning light panel as per color cockpit photos making it even more different than the standard F-106 cockpit.


V.4 Added the huge signature F-102A red nav indicator light to the middle of the panel. Changed the colors of the artificial horizon to F-102 specific colors and markings. Changed the colors of the Radio direction instrument to F-102 specific colors and markings. This is probably the final version.


V.5 I now included the very specific F-102A artificial horizon this time with gray-blue top, gray markings, black bottom with blue markings which I left out in V.4 by mistake. If you compared the photo with the current F-102A artificial horizon, you can probably see the difference.


A visual thread showing these additions:





1-Backup your files!


2- Unzip the F-102 cockpit to ...SFP1ObjectsAircraftF-102A.


3-When prompted, overwrite the files.





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On 18.08.2013 at 3:52 AM, izyfly said:

2 Turkish f-102 vs 2 Greek f-5 result 1 shootdown f-102 1 damaged f-102. The year 1974.

quit your bullshit.

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