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AT-6B for SF2 Version 2.0

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About This File

Readme for the Raytheon AT-6B Texan II. For Strike Fighters 2 Series.


Version 2.0


-Cleaned up some areas on the 3d model plus increased the detail in almost all areas including AT-6B specific items plus the addition of extra details. (antennas etc.)

-The skin's texture size and detail has been increased, plus changed to .jpg format.

-Weapon modifications in _DATA & Loadout.ini files.

-Included the AGM-114L as a CGR and added Hellfire rails to the 3d model to overcome the issue of engaging moving targets.

-New hangar and loading screens.

-New cockpit glass reflection texture.


Version 1.5


MAJOR upgrade in cockpit and model by Dels. Much closer to actual AT-6B appearance and specifications.

More weapons tweaking by FastCargo.


Version 1.1


Added Sounds

HUD Fixed


Original model, FM, drop tanks, etc. based on Dels PC-9.

Idea, decals, skins and coordination by Dave.

Addons and weapons by FastCargo.


This version is for the SF2 version of ThirdWire sims only!





Copy the Objects directory into your ThirdWire mods folder. Allow overwrites (if any). The only alteration to basic stock or the current SF2 weapons are a slight tweaking of the basic Stinger missile.



Notes on this release:


The FM isn't perfect, but will work pretty good as long as you remember it is not an F-22...don't try to pull like you are one. Also, for some reason, certain racks will only load through the loadout.ini, but not in the pull down menu. Haven't found why this acts this way yet.


Canopy is activated with animation key #10.



Notes on the aircraft, from airforce-technology.com:




"The multirole AT-6 will be capable of performing missions including: net-centric ISR with the ability for precise geo-registration, streaming video and datalinks; light attack including combat search and rescue (CSAR), close air support, forward air control and convoy escort; homeland defence (border security), port security, and counter-narcotics operations; and civil missions such as disaster area reconnaissance, search and rescue, and firefighting.


The AT-6B is equipped with a sensor suite that can include a variety of electro-optical, infrared, laser and hyper-spectral sensors, for example the Wescam MX-15Di. The Boeing joint helmet-mounted cueing system, in service with the USAF and US Navy, can be fitted for targeting.


There are six wing-mounted hardpoints for stores. With its MIL-STD 1760 smart weapons interface, the AT-6 can be armed with a variety of weapons including 0.50 calibre machine gun pod; air-to-ground missiles like Hellfire and Maverick; AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles; and munitions including Paveway II / enhanced Paveway II / Paveway IV guided bombs, joint direct attack munition (JDAM), small diameter bomb (SDB) and 2.75in rocket pods."


In short, the AT-6B is a LIGHT attack aircraft, perfect for COIN ops, FAC, etc. Operate it with this in mind you'll find you'll have a lot of fun with it.


Questions, contact us at CombatAce.

Dels, Dave and FastCargo

10 Sep 09

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