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BAE Hawk T.1 by RussoUK2002

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BAE Hawk T.1 by RussoUK2002

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Bae HawkT mk1A of RAF Brawdy Wales UK.Number 1 Squadron,TWU,(Tactical Weapons Unit,(Training))

By Me.Russouk2002@aol.com


Contains....Hawk T/mk1A

Hangar screen


And is armed with...

Aden Gunpod,Aim9`s,and Rockets,(which will be replaced by Matra rockets when made.For next release)

Bombs are optional.edit the weapondata for your own choices.The Gunpod is an option in the loadout as in reality its not a fixed weapon on the hawk.


Just drop the Hawk_T1A folder in sf\objects\Aircraft folder and Decal folder too,copy and paste contents of Objects folder in SF\Objects folder


This is a very Beta Release as its not fully completed.It is quite flyable though.

I am currently remapping the Hawk as the bmps are too small.And theres a degree of Bitmap stretching etc,tho not evident in game.But I know its there,lol...When 2nd realease is done ,it will be just a case of a new Lod and Bitmap Textures,and new weapons.The latter will be for the new patch\Weapons editor as its pointless doing them now when the patch is due.

The FM is ok for now (currently being worked on).

This release is solely for feedback soas to improve the airtcraft in anyways.Dont forget this is only my 1st aircraft released,so dont expect perfection yet...lol

Drone was my 1st actual model and the schoolhouse for Major lee,which turned out well.was the 2nd..

I hope you enjoy flying the hawk as much as I enjoyed making it.Just remember Im no expert at data ini`s..lol


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I love the way it handles, though, I can't seem to load anything else on them on my patched up versions of SFP and WOV.


The Hawk can only work Gunpods but not bombs and missiles. Is there any way I can tweak the ini files to get it to load other payloads?

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Yes, it's called "editing the data and loadout inis"


Exact procedures are outlined in the Knowledge Base. You might want to spend some time looking over all the posts in there.


For now: Basic Aircraft Modding (Inis, Skins & Weapons Hardpoints)





kevin stein

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Nice airplane!

I have a question, I modified the cockpit and I wanted if I could post it here or send it to you

Thanks for the plane!

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Ok, got both the black skin, and the Red arrows skin, The Black skin works fine but the red arrows one doesnt show up. Any hints?

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I just downloaded it but I'm at work so can't put it in game at the moment.


What I can see, though, is that there are several nested folders so that might be part of the problem. All you should need to do is put the Hawk Red Arrows-Marcfighters folder into your Hawk_T1A folder in your Objects\Aircraft folder and add this to the Hawk_T1A.ini file:



Directory=Hawk Red Arrows-Marcfighters

Name=Red Arrows - Marcfighters






Where xxx is the next skin number in sequence.


A lot of the early Marcfighters skins never included textureset.ini files in the skin folders as Marc included them in revised aircraftname.ini files instead.


Hope that helps.


BTW I was going to offer to nip down the M62 to look at in person - don't think I'll be able to pop over to your current location though!

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