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Question about available dates to fly single missions...

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I have several aircraft that have 2010 or something similar as the service end date, however, I can't create a single mission that starts after 1985. That's as far as the drop down will go for any aircraft, and some aircraft utilize weapons that were not available until after 1985 (Sky Shadow for Tornado for example). I know I could just adjust the start date for the weapon, but I'd rather just be able to fly missions up into the early 90's. I looked through the acraft ini's and the terrain ini's looking for dates that may need to be adjusted, but I couldn't find anything other than the aircraft service start and end date... and those were already ranging up to 2010.


What am I missing?




By the way, I'm flying merged WOE/WOV. I have the isreal DES terrain added too. That all are limited to 1985.

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game folder, OPTIONS.ini

find this section :





EndYear=2020 <-- change here to whatever you like



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That info is in the "Creating a New, Era Specific Install'' thread.


You should also edit the singlemission.ini years as well




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