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My second anniversary soon...

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Over 4 years ago I met my wife. It was pretty much love at first site though there are a couple funny moments associated with that 'll save for another time. Two years ago we were married and shortly after we struck out for the wilds in the north country. Its been a real change coming here for both of us and it was probably a big chunk for a newly wed couple to bite and chew. It hasnt always been easy with the cold, finding work, or just getting along. We often find ourselves asking why we came here and why God should lead us here. Well, Ive got a gut feeling I figured it out finally; an epiphany you might say. And its so simple its embarrassing. I wrote it in a poem I plan to give her when we celebrate our anniversary. Before I give it to her, does it make sense to anyone out there in the ether...


Across a dark grey sky

the clouds scud by,

often falls the snow.

Outside it rains and is cold,

hard the blue wind does blow.


Coats, socks, and longjohns,

the heaters' flame starts to glow.

wools' thick coarse feel,

and goosedown we all know.


God too is giving us work,

enough to get by.

Sometimes though it seems our faith,

in his wisdom he feels a need to try.


I often wonder why we left,

to come to this place here.

Yet today when I looked deep inside,

to be with you, it becomes clear.


We werent brought to up north

to suffer, grumble, or freeze.

We've often asked why,

in befuddlement we cry.

But Gods answer if we listen

is there in the breeze.


When we feel lonely

in these wide open spaces,

often together we cuddle.

When the cold winds blow

and drafty chills finds places,

closer together you and I huddle.


Worries and fears,

stress and tears,

all might seem too much.

But they are a part of life dear,

tools in Gods hands, this strife,

to bring us closer in touch.


Love hasnt been easy for me,

selfish Ive always been.

Ive often had to learn the hard way,

its been my struggle to grasp and ken.


So its no wonder

God uses these hard tools,

a simple truth to help us learn.

We'll grow closer to him

as we learn to love each other,

if the wilds up north

we do not yet spurn.

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First year is the hardest...the rest are investing (in each other)...good luck


Congratulations. Married to my own old Battle Axe for some 36 years and it just gets better and bettter.

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Yeah, first year is the hardest no doubt. My 10th is this summer, and will have been together 13 yrs at that point.


However, we minimized our stress by doing things in stages, instead of all-at-once. That helped. First 5 years lived close to both our parents still.

Then her parents moved up here and we wound up following only 6 months later after visiting them and seeing how much nicer (and cheaper to live!) it was. :grin:

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Congrats Pcpilot ... next week it's our 10th anniversary ... i would do something special for my wife but i'll be busy for my job :blush: ....say a pray for me.

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