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So, you find yourself falling from aircraft but you forgot the parachute

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*note to self: right all that down and keep it for the next time I'm on a plane* :biggrin:


I guess snow isn't so bad after all :no:

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Well it has happened.....


It'd have to be a deep snow to help at all. You'd probably be better off hitting the slope of a mountain and sliding down as if you were skiing, what I remember from physics class, the angle, duration of impact and surface area all affect the force so if you keep some vertical velocity going down the slope of a hill it's less force. And then the friction slows you down more steadily than a flat head on impact. You would be in really bad shape if you managed to survive a fall like that, ie both arms and legs broken, probably your back, all your ribs and plenty of internal bleeding.


Not something I'd want to test out.

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