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  1. Decided to get back to Strike Fighters Europe, and I messed up the controls badly ( I saved everyting under the default name). Can anybody post the original control file? If it is complicated, you can just paste the text from the file here.
  2. Are you sure this is not a photograph?
  3. I think all Migs ( 3 that deflected and the ones that were bought) were Mig-21 Bis not MF. http://dragan.freeservers.com/bivse/hrvatska.htm http://www.acig.org/artman/publish/article_305.shtml
  4. A bit of OT, but relevant regarding the aircraft in question. Does CCIP display the correct impact point for parachute retarded bombs?

    First of start whit this beer: Karlovacko Work your way out through local wines and since I don't know in which part of Croatia are you going can’t advise you what to try but be aware of those "The greatest homemade wine of all time" stuff that is sold by liters by the road. It usually results in your head exploding in the morning. As you work your way towards stronger stuff (if you are into it) I can only recommend various Rakia: orahovica, travarica, or biska (in Istria). Ups, do I sound like an alcoholic... Anyway have fun!
  6. post it on deviant art as some form of conceptual art Anyway can't wait for weekend to get some time to install WOE and try this tweak. I have a low end machine (laptop) but man can dream...
  7. BFHeroes Releasing in June?

    Freaking finally !!! Lack of news on this one made me thought they canceled it because of the economic recession (which seem to be an excuse for everything these days).
  8. Detonate that one in game and your computer processor will probably melt
  9. Two Nuclear Subs collide in the mid-Atlantic

    Well since they are made to be so silent this doesn't surprise me. But still, both submarines involved in the accident were missile carrying boomers so this is a bit strange. Or maybe somebody felt tracked and played the Crazy Ivan move...
  10. Here's a strange video whit Yak 38. Take of, crash, ejection, and back on the deck, all in 16 seconds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz8fOZxIdVg
  11. Will the real Bitchin' Betty

    I read somewhere that for Migs and Sukhois, bitchin Betty can be changed, so many squadrons have replaced the "default" Betty whit their own ones.
  12. Have you thy selecting them as air targets (whit "next enemy aircraft") ?
  13. Falcon 4.0 on XP64

    If you have the original falcon 4 (from 1998) you can install some user made mods for it, I don't know will it make it work on XP64 but you can give it a try. Check out: http://www.freefalcon.com/index.php or open falcon http://www.f4forums.com/forums/index.phpn (there is some sim community drama about this one - I don't know why and I don't care)
  14. Well I had a similar idea after watching that movie some time ago. The best I could come up whit was this - http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=27984&hl= Unfortunately being an lazy ass, nothing came out of this idea. But after DS mod came out I got interested about this again. Tonight I will see what can be done.

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