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A simple EA-18G skin, for VAQ-137 Line jets, awaiting approval.


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On 10/28/2019 at 2:10 PM, EricJ said:

Another update to the Super Hornet radar system (both Blk I and Blk II)


Simply change it from 100 to 160 to it being comparable to what is assumed a good decent range and to help take advantage of the AIM-120D I posted earlier

Then make the following edits as well:




Hey I made these changes on my Block II build and don't have Air-to-Ground radar.  Going to attach one of my avionics.ini files for you to go over.


That said, been porting over some of your SF1 liveries over to SF2 and loving it.  Especially love imitating some of the missions in the book Jet Girl...


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That livery isn't mine, more than likely it was done by SidDogg as I never did a VFA-213 CAG. I'll check out the avionics though.

As for ground mapping mode, its there (always has been) so I don't see any reason to add it to the list,  [RadarDisplayGM] is the ground mapping mode.  

Edited by EricJ
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A simple skin, this time VAQ-139, uploaded and waiting for approval.


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