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An AMX-30 is welcome. One of the vehicles i was trained to kill in the "good" old time. But by the way, what is this strange command turret for? I cant remember to have seen it before.

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It's always been there, except in this case, either a) the angle on the picture make it appear quite high, b) it is too high or c) the "windows" are too small.


Its design (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:AMX30_bustle.jpg) was meant to offer 360° visibility to tank commanders even when buttoned up.

IIRC, the MG on top of the cupola could be used when buttoned up and could rotate independently from the turret, and the secondary 12.7mm (later 20mm) was independent in elevation from the main gun.


It was a nice little tank, more meant for mobility and skirmishes than real tank battles (well, we couldn't afford them, and if we had come to use them in that role, we'd be doomed anyway).

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As said Gunrunner the "windows" of the turret are too small, but the error will be corrected .If someone sends me photos of this tank in service in other European armies, I could achieve more examples. Thanks for your suggestions.

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