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Herr Prop-Wasche

Widowmaker: check six!

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Great news!...The old Krumpet Killer returns!...hopefully with some new Skin ideas?

We will break him in gently!...I am sure he has a few posts he will want to read through!...I hope he hasn't missed us all too much whilst on leave?


I suspect after two weeks, he will be giving his Joystick a damn good thrashing!..woof woof!!


Welcome Back Olham...we've missed you!!! :smile:

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Thanks a lot, for this great welcome, boys! (Sob!)


You know, I really love my native homeland Ostfriesland, and it WAS good to be there again.

But TWO WEEKS without BHaH - I think there wasn't a single hour, that I wasn't dreaming of

getting into the cockpit of my Albatros again!

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Herr Leutnant Mahlo, herzlich willkommen zurück! Der Kaiser braucht uns alle. :salute:


I hope you had a good time in Ostfriesland. I know Berlin is not the most peaceful of places to live in, everybody should abandon big city life some time and go to the countryside.


All has not been quiet here on the Western front. Many interesting posts have been made, especially in the thread about P4. We live in exciting times. :yes:

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