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one of the worst 2 weeks in my life.. :(

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last week on monday i got a phone call at about 10:30pm from an officer from my "squad"

she informed me that my former commander and a good friend of mine was murdered in Costa Rica (as an after army trip to south america)

since then i barely slept in the next few days

couldn't eat that much (i forced myself sometimes...)

and i was angry and very sad..

on thursday we barried him in his town.. got to see many people i haven't seen in a while

and we all cried a lot..


the worst part of this story that his best friend was a witness to the murder (a robbery gone wrong)

and his younger brother was with him after he was shot (using an improvised gun)..


i didn't have any mood for anything

but slowly enough got back to routine (as much as possible)..


it's so hard to grasp and handle

he has an amazing family and they are so broken up

he has a wonderful step father that words can not describe him, i think he helped me more than i helped him to cope


he was a good commander, a good friend

a professional in his job

a great mentor and a great lose for us, his friends and family of course!


here are some pictures of him

2 from a microsoft convention in Eilat he managed to get us into

(in the middle, i'm on the left)


(right side)



photos of him getting Master Sereagnt

here is me with him and his best friend (the officer in the middle.. who witnessed the murder)




(just a taste from hunders and hunders of photos of him)


Itai Elias-Shechter, RIP good friend


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Words fail me. Such a tragic conclusion to what should have been the rest of his life after serving his country. May you find peace and remember him by the good times. :salute:

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I understand what you feel, past week a friend of mine crashed his car into a bridge to avoid hitting a driver who exceded the speed limit, he was four days in the Hospital, paralyzed, until he died. When they got the motha, he said that he felt sorry, but he was late to work. As time goes by pain, hatre and unability to change things hits me and our companions in law school, we are making the maths for the time in prison of the s**tbag, remember the life he had to live


Sorry for your loss, try to stay frosty, don´t get mad.

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RIP. Its hard when you lose people. Especially people that you know well. I recently lost two friends after a motorcycle accident in Thailand. Would'nt say that we were close friends but it was still hard nonetheless



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Life is very fragile, and you never know when it may happen, to you, or a friend. always let those that matter to you know it. Im sorry for your loss. Shalom

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Very very sorry for your loss Nesher.

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sorry for you lose as well macelena and mike

thanks for the support... much needed

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