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Things That Are True.

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1)The very day you are impossibly late for work, you will run into road construction, traffic jams, and every red light possible.


2)I won't win the lottery, but there's a good chance the ex wife will, just to let me know Murphys law is alive and well.


3)The more things change, the more things stay the same.(waistlines exempt).


4)If you think you are right, you are probably wrong. If you think you are wrong, you are probably right.


5)A million bucks a'int what it used to be, they tell me; but I'd still like to find out myself.


6)Rap still is and will ALWAYS be, the special olympics of music.


7) The older I get, the smarter I realize my parents were. Also, the older I get, the dumber my kids think I am.


8)Music is a universal language. (Does not apply to Polka inhabited countries.)


9)The older I get, the better I was at ________(fill in the blank yourself).


10) The longer I sit here, the longer I will be wasting your time; so I hope you laughed at one or two of these, seeya!


Navy Chief

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