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Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to do accurate lowlevel bombing in SF2 for 60's jets (i.e. A4, F7,F8, B57,F4 etc.)?

I find most of the time eyeballing when to press the release button without any accuracy :(

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The SimHQ article is very detailed - as I didn't want to invest so much brain, I started developing my own standard procedure. For me (and that's the base of the article too) it comes down to flying a repeatable profile, in the F4 I'm using the radar alt and a certain throttle setting to ensure somewhat constant speed and alt, together with trying to get the same dive angle most of the time, and a ripple of 3 bombs at 500ms to make up for any lack of accuracy.


I've been creating single missions with a 6x Mk82 loadout and then just used the start airfield to practice hitting the radar, control tower and water tower - smallest targets around.

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Practice Practice Practice....


Oh did I say Practice...


You need to use the TLAR bombing method....


TLAR = That Looks About Right...

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