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Quick Question... about terrains...

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Yes, BUT (and it's a BIG BUT) they will need varying degrees of updating....some can make do with just a few .ini edits, and some will require a whole 'lotta TLC.

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you ain't just whistling Dixie, brother.


But, for the most part, it's a simple drag/drop.

Now, you'll still need to use the new ter***Effects.fx line in the data ini, but it's a super simple fix.


BUT...that's only on those terrains that already HAVE the shader lines as used on 06 levels. 08 Levels have a few more lines that are needed, plus adjustments in the HeightField statments. SF2 is pretty much 08, with the new FX statements.


Easiest thing to do, is have the main 3 terrain data inis extracted from the SF2 terrain cats; Desert, VietnamSEA and GermanyCE, and compare them to the terrain in question. (you don't even need to create the terrain folders in your install .. just have them somewhere's handy -- the extraction folder works just fine, after deleting all the other unnecessary crap. Just keep the inis)


Simple rule of thumb that I use is:


if it's using Desert tile naming conventions, use the desert data ini

if it's using VietnamSEA tile naming conventions, use the VNSEA data ini

if it's using GermanyCE ... well, you get the idea.


as there's only one terrain at present that uses the IsrealME tiles (Gepards Afghanistan), you'll have to use thsoe from SF2:I.


what that really means, is you cross-check and match ALL the statements at the top 'half' of the data ini ... you needn't worry about the tile listings; those should be ok (excepting maybe the HeightMapScale=). Add or edit lines as necessary.

Look over the DBS_Data.ini I just uploaded, and read the readme ... it should be pretty well explained in there.



kevin stein

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