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Dreaming about OFF

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I suppose it's a bad sign when you actualy start to have dreams about Over Flanders Fields, like I did last night...


I was flying in my RNAS-1 Sopwith Tripe DiD Campaign, at least at the time I thought it was a Sopwith Triplane - but for some reason as time went on it morphed into a strange mix between a Sopwith Triplane and an SE5, as it had the cockpit of an SE5 and was a Biplane - but for some reason I could've sworn it was a Sopwith Triplane, as is the strangeness of dreams.


I was flying over some water - I think it was the Zeelands in the Netherlands, as I fly there a lot in WW2OL, but this was an Over Flanders Fields version of it.


I got into a fight with a mud-brown coloured Fokker Dr.1 just over the coast - but managed to get above him and fire into his engine, which then set on fire and he spun out - after that for some reason I got into a fight with a group of American SPADs - not sure what type they were as I'm not realy up to date with SPAD variants, equally not sure why we were fighting eachother, what with being Allies and all - but like I said, as is the strangeness of dreams.


I remember getting one on my tail and not being able to shake him off - then I pulled up and hung in mid air - after which there was a tearing noise and I started to spin out (presumably a SPAD crashed into me from behind) - after levelling out it went to external view and I could see that both of my port wings (It's a Biplane Triplane remember tongue.gif ) were torn at the root, and were flapping around like mad, as such I headed south towards land and tried to set it down on a beach.


While it was very hard to control I did manage to set it down right on the sand of a beach, but then the port wheel sunk just slightly then it all went black and "You have Died" after which I remember being very sad at losing my DiD Pilot, then I woke up. blink.gif



It's a good thing that my DiD Pilot is back home on leave for a few days for his Birthday (my Birthday) and being awarded his medal, as I think I'm starting to go slightly insane...


The entire flight all seemed totally normal and Logical from the begining to the end while I was dreaming it, it's an odd thing the Mind.

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nice story mike good.gif .


i don't think that's insane. at least you knew already in the dream that it was a sim and not real, otherwise you would not mourn the loss of your DiD pilot. as long as i know one can't dream his own death. the moment one dies in the dream (where he thinks he dies in real) is the moment one wakes up.


dreaming of BHAH is maybe one of the best compliments one can make for this product drinks.gif

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Dear MikeDixonUk,


i have been flying me Albatros DIII (early) every night during the last week in my dreams. Shooting at Sopwith Triplanes......




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Only shows, you're flying the sim with full realism, even mindwise, Mike.

And that concentration, to get it all done right and get back home over the line,

is a form of "pleasant stress" you have, cause you don't want it arcadeish;

you want to get challenged.

That we dream about such concentrated stressful phases is not insane, but

rather totally normal. It would become insane, if you would have nightmares

about it - but I don't see that happening in your case.


And I have also dreamt some time ago, I was flying with Ernst Udet, Jasta 15

in May or June 1917. No fighting, just flying in the sun. Udet talked to me, which

is of course impossible, but in dreams, hey! He asked me if it wasn't wonderful

to fly around in the sun in Winder's beautiful landscapes.

I replied: "Yes, if we wouldn't have to fear to get jumped at all the time - we are

only two!"

Udet smiled and said with grinning eyes: "I have switched it from "Dogfight" to

"Free flight" !"

Now, that meay be closer to insanity... :cool:

Edited by Olham

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