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What happened to the SARM?

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It is weird. Every time when I fly a aircraft on the red side. All the Semi-active radar guide missile are missing from the inventory. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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No, sir. What I meant is the SARM is not in the hanger for me to load on the aircraft. You know, the loadout screan where weapon avaiable are listed on the left. SARM are just not there when I flight soviet aircraft like Su-15.

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Wait .. are you speaking of the Short Range Attack Missile, as carried by B-52, B-1 and B-2? Red Side ™ definatly wouldn't have them!


There IS no code for a weapons "SARM" (semi-active-radar-missile)


It's SAHM (semi-active-homing-missile); it's a stock coding label for 3W games.


Or, as you speaking of Soviet/WarPak A-A missile like the Apex, Acrid, Alamo, etc???


for floggers, the -7A and -7B are stock missiles, AA-10s have to be added (like for Flankers and Flucrums).


Could you be a little more specific, as to WHICH aircraft is not loading it's missiles? It might help narrow down if something is missing, mis-labled, or missed-up



kevin stein

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To be more specific, it's the MiG-23 and Su-15. The Radar guided missiles like R-23, R-24 are not in the load out screan. I double checked the aircraft data ini. Nothing wrong there. So I checked the weapon data ini to see if the weapons historical year, nothing wrong there either. So I changed some of the aircraft data ini. Then I found as long as I play the red side, there would be no BVR missiles. But if I change the Su-15's nation to US and allow its hardpoints to carry NATO weapons, there are AIM-7 for loadout.


(Sorry for my poor English skill, I hope you can understand what am I saying)

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Same problem here. I have installed Weapons Pack 2.52 and there are some specific cases. For example some Mig-23s like the Hungarian or the DDR Mig-23MF can not carry medium or long range missiles. I mean that in the loadout menu the missiles R-23, K-9, R-40 etc don't exist. Also Tu-128 can not carry the R-4 but the US built aircraft can carry Sparrows, the French built Mirages can carry R-530 or Super 530.

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So in your games you can use the missiles with certain jets , but not others?



Check the attachment types of weapons pylons on the problem jets themselves (ie Mig-23xz_data.ini) - here are some basics but expect you will get the idea after some experimentation:




StationID=4 <------this is the number of the station in the loadout.ini if you didnt know

StationGroupID=4 <------This actually controls its grouping on the in game loadout screen - very useful!!



DiameterLimit=1.164 <------if the weps diameter is larger than this - it wont show

LengthLimit=4.021 <---------If the weapon is longer than this it wont show

LoadLimit=250.0 <-------If the weapon is heavier than this it wont show

AllowedWeaponClass=IRM,SAHM <-----If the weapon isn't one of these then it wont show

SpecificStationCode=AIM4 <----If the weapon does not have this code it wont show

AttachmentType=USAF <--------if the weapons attachmentcode is different to this it wont show


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