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So ive been playing around with this setting and i cant really figure out what it means. For example, if i set it to 10. What does that mean ingame? I am trying to find out at which range to fire my gun onto ground targets and right now its way to close since those pesky AAA always get me when i get in close.


Thanx for your time and help!


Oh yeah, while am at it. I downloaded the F5E from the SF2 download section and am running it in a merged install with the latest patch. The afterburner and jet engine textures arent working. Cant figure out why..

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About the issue with the F-5E, i made the conversion to SF2, and here it works fine. I don´know what did i do wrong, but if somebody comes out with a solution to your problem, PM me and i´ll try to fix it in the downloadable file, for whatever you need, tell me.

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I've been waiting for someone to make a comment about drooping gun barrels....


afaik, gun depressoin, in the game as real life ™, is measure in Mils. What exactly those are, I've never learned. Degrees of arc? :dntknw:


anyway, here's the section from the F-4E_78's cockpit ini that speaks to it:













RangeBarMaxGun=2032.1 a colored rangebar on thegunsight, it 'flows around the reticle



MinLeadRange=300 <--


DefaultLeadRange=500 <-- these 3 speak to gunsight lead, probably in meters

MaxDepression=245 <-- drop down for better sight picture when bombing

DefaultDepression=50 <--gunsight more or less center on bullet stream


rule of thumb: when enemy a/c's wingspan fills the reticle side-to-side, SHOOT!!! No real difference from WW2 stuff. (well, bombers WILL be bigger than fighters, obviously! <gr>)


hope that helps!



kevin stein

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