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V-1 Beta

Model by Cocas




Okay this is not your ordinary plane obviously and doesnt really
belong in a permanent std install.
At this stage it can ONLY be flown when starting in the air, - If someone could fix that please do so and reupload.
Arm your warhead and detonate on/near impact.
obviously it is a kamikaze type weapon.


Tested on WoV only.Should work on all WO* SF1 series.


I have included a weps package with this so you can equip your he-111
with one- you will just have to workout the weapons on board placement position.




I have borrowed dozens of bits and pieces of others aircraft and do hope
I havent broken any rules or offended in doing so.Im trying to share too.


THIS IS A BETA-AI is pretty much useless with this aircraft-it is defenceless
but still fun to shoot down.




If anybody wants to improve on this and reupload - be my guest-Im sure
Cocas wont mind.


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I did a v-1 and it was set as a missile...and did get to launch...fly to a target and hit it...you can also intercept them...and it has a launcher ramp etc...moonjumper got that all to work...I ll have to see if we can get it as a mod...

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This is nice. imay add a pit to resemble the piloted kamikaze version just to have fun. i tried it in my russian front ww2 install and targeted ships, Missed by a few hares. :clapping:

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Wasn't there a lady test pilot for it? or am I thinking of the movie Operation Crossbow?


Hanna Reitsch. Same lady who flew a Storch into Berlin during the Soviet assault.

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