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Uh,,,no it's not....

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A shark was sighted (and captured on video) swimming in the surf-line off of a popular NJ resort (Sea Side Beach). The idiots-on-the scene called it a "sand shark", when in actuality, it's a blue shark (Prionace Gluaca).




Blue sharks are normally found in deep, offshore waters, and are usually gone from this area by the time the water temperature starts to climb above 72 degree Fahrenheit.


They are also, while technically not "man-eaters", they are potentially dangerous, as they're known for their curious nature. And by that, I mean they will try and taste anything that they find appealing. I've had them bite boat propellers, and they just loved the crap out of the zinc anode on my boat's electrical bonding system. A person's forearm or shin would simply be another "curiosity" for them to sample :yikes:


So, I believe that the authorities took the proper action by closing the beach....I just love the stupid comments made by some of the sunshine supermen..."Oh, it's just a harmless sand shark". They wouldn't know a "sand shark", if it swam up and bit them on the arse.

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5-Foot Sand Shark Forces Closure of Seaside Beach

Cops arrested Snooki for disorderly conduct...



Knowing nothing of today's Tele shows, I read that as arresting the shark.



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I remember swimming with a Blue Shark of Acension Islands (well it was a few miles out actually about 30 miles out) back in 1997 and it was one of those moments of wonderment well it was for me... another guy stated he didn't know if he should change his underwear or be amazed moments... such a Beautiful creature and how can you get it mixed up with a Sand Tiger ???

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