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Now that's hardcore sim

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Sometimes you think, you've seen them all from appendectomy and brain surgery sims to winter fishing sim. But they always find a new way to surprise you.

From crazy ol' Britain comes this railway signalling simulator.


Get the main package, get the rail of your choice and in awe of non-3D graphics start swearing at yet another train coming in late and those engineers flooding your phone line with calls.


People interested in ATC might like this different brand of guiding irregular masses across your orderly territory.


Edit: Speaking of ATC, check out Kennedy Approach remake http://www.microprose.nl/

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They all miss the boat when it comes to the ultimate simulation game.


I thought of this brilliant idea a couple years ago.


Greens Keeper - A golf course greens simulation.


- Design your own golf course or play from a list of courses from around the world.

- Build your skills and equipment inventory to oversee increasingly challenging courses.

- Start with a push mower and with course profits purchase upgrades and new mowers.

- Timely reseed courses to keep them green and adjust their water and nutrients.

- Plants and shrubs mature, die, and need replanting.

- Replace course divots, rake the sand traps, and trim the shrubs.

- Build your empire and hire support staff to help you.

- Course popularity is determined on the job you do and increases profits.

- Deal with unruly golf pros, club house staff, and course managers.

- Manage your assets to keep the course facilities and grounds clean.

- Stock and manage the water hazards or put on SCUBA gear and dive for lost golf balls.

- Manage threats from wildlife, patrons, and rodents destroying your course.

- Natural disasters from hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, drought, flooding, and insects.

- Drive the ball collector on the driving range or watch the golfers by driving the booze cart.

- And much more.


This documents my idea and creation and I reserve all intellectual and artists rights. I will accept offers to produce this heralding new simulaton. My rights can be licensed for a standard 10% of the net profit.

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Erik, that sounds a bit like Sid Meier's SimGolf :grin:

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In SimGolf you'd play as a course owner, developer, manager. In Greens Keeper you'd play as a more challenging role of support staff. It adds that extra edge needed to make it more alluring.



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But none of this can beat Skydive!


Simulates the entire skydiving experience with incredible realism including:

-jumping out of a plane!


-openning your parachute!

-hitting the ground!



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yeah, all good ideas, BUT the best(at least for us good ole boys) PBR Pro Bull Riding Just hard to beat a 8 second ride! 683620boxart_160w.jpg:drinks: whats sad is I actually have this one! the only other sim that might be more exciting is being able to play the pooper scooper that cleans up the ring.

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A really odd Sim I came upon was Against All Odds.



"Against All Odds" is an online Refugee Simulation game created to increase students’ awareness and knowledge about refugee situations by putting them in the position of a refugee.

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