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Mirage IIIC

Mirage IIIC


This mod represents the 4 escadres de chasse (fighter wings) that ever flew Mirage IIIC :


La 2ème Escadre de Chasse based at Dijon

La 5ème Escadre de Chasse based at Orange

La 10ème Escadre de Chasse based at Creil

La 13ème Escadre de Chasse based at Colmar


I also added 3/10 squadron based at Djibouti.


IMPORTANT : This mod has been developed for SF2 Europe and SF2 Israël in "merged" version, no .lod file are provided.

Those are high resolution skins (2048x2048), if your computer can't handle them I suggest you resize them to 1024*1024 or even 512*512, only thing is you will loose some details, but they will work fine


Installation :


1- make a backup of the "Mirage3C" folder.

2- Uncompress this file in a temporary folder.

3- copy the "Objects" folder in your addons (mods) folder.


Credits :


TK for his game and the Mirage IIICJ which is the base of this mod.

PGC for some decals.


And a big thank you to those on C6 and Combatace forums who helped me solve all issues I encountered.


Be assured if I forgot somebody it's a mistake, let me know and I'll adapt asap.


This addon may be used or further modded according to the Combatace "rules" but in all cases it is and has to remain free.






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Thank you Ludo.... :good:


I love... Mirage IIIC :clapping::clapping::clapping:



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