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F-15E Eagle tough as nails.

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I was flying a single mission in the shiny new Korea mod (where I am getting PASTED - it's lethal!) and had this interesting experience. I was flying an F-15E Strike Eagle and was engaged by two MiG-21MFs. In the merge I popped off an AIM-9S Sidewinder and hit one of the MiG-21s, but his buddy shot me in the face with a an AA-11 Archer. When I flipped to external view, sure enough the rear of the aircraft is wreathed in flame and the port tail is gone. I am in a diving corkscrew to port. I was just about to punch out when I thought I should recover from the spin first. Imagine my surprise when I not only recover the aircraft, but it is flyable.


I continue my recovery turn and I can still hear the tone from the remaining sidewinder. The MiG who shot me is chasing my wingman, so I pursue, get tone and shove one up his tailpipe. Kill number 2 for me.


I check the back end and the fire is out and I am flying on one engine, but it is handling OK despite the damage and lack of tail. I spot a MiG-29C Fulcrum and since i can't get any response from the Sparrows, I try for a gun kill. I line him up and squeeze the trigger. Nothing. (Guess I should have checked that!). Anyway, my wingman takes lead and downs the MiG and we fly back towards our lines. I run out of fuel on the way, but manage a forced landing behind our lines. The bird is shot up and so am I, but both repairable.


Damn the F-15E can take some punishment.


post-56577-052048900 1288191596.jpg

Damaged F-15E continues to fly despite the damage from a missile hit.


post-56577-072192500 1288191585.jpg

Damaged and out of fuel but wheels down and safe behind our own lines.

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If I remember in RL one guy brought it back with a lot more missing than that...


Here's the Vid!!!


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