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LOMAC Manual Lottery!!

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Ok folks, we are going to start doing some giveaways over the next few months so we can give something back to all of you that visit regularly. And best of all, it's easy to enter, even for you guys... :tomato:


So, how does this work? It's easy. I'll create a Lottery Thread in one of the forums. All you have to do is post once (and only once) in the thread. The first 53 members to post after me in that thread get a number. The next post after mine gets gets No.1, the following post gets No. 2 and so on up to 53.


Once 53 members have posted, the next Powerball Lottery drawing after all the slots have filled will decide the winner based on the number of the Powerball. If this matches your post number you win the prize. I will number all posts so you know for sure what your number is.


So, to kick off our first official giveaway, we have one brand spankin' new Nic Cole LOMAC Enhanced Manual! This is from the last run, so get it while you still can. You will find the thread in the LOMAC General Discussion forum here. Spread the word in all the forums you frequent, and good luck to all! :victory:


UPDATE: Apparently i had a brainfart last night as any number multiplied by 2 is an even number, :wacko: so i've changed the lottery to only 53 with no multiplier.

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I want to win an F-15C. :blink:



We are looking into obtaining an F15C next month...However, It will not come with a manual...hehe




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