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Some possible last lines from Osama fish food...

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Osama bin Laden’s famous last words



“I need protection against Americans like I need a hole in the head.”


“Anybody else feel a draft?”


“I swear, if this is those damned Mormons again …”


“Oh I hope that’s my Girl Scout cookies.”


“Oh my Allah! The stories about ‘black helicopters’ are true!”


“Avon calling? At *this* hour?!??!”


“HAH! 31 minutes! The pizza’s free!”


“Hey, what’s this little red light?”

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"Oh, man, i knew i shoudn´t have given PlayStation Network my real address"


"You guys just don´t let things go...Allrgiht, just not in the face"


"You wouldn´t shoot a man with glasses, would you?"


"Quick, hide the Justin Bieber posters!"


"Ok, you found me! Now it is your turn to hide!"


“It wasn’t me”


“What’s Chuck Norris doing here?”


“What? American commandos invading during my pig roast?”


“You won this round Waldo.”


”At least let me finish shaving my other leg, come on!!”


“Who is it? Not more Mormons?!”


“I finally get my virgins!”


“I always thought the little mermaid was good looking!”


“I never really liked Dr. Pepper!”


“Hide and Go Seek Champion of the World, bitches.”


“I knew Jack Bauer was real.”


“Bring on the slutty virgins!!”


“I do believe in fairies , I do believe in Fairies, I do , I do…”




Just a compilation folks

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Spec Ops: 'Knock knock!'

OBL: 'Who's there?'

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I wonder what does Achmed the Dead Terrorist have to say about all that lol

Edited by macelena

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