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Aermacchi MB-339A for SF2

Macchi MB 339A Version 2.0 for Strike Fighter 2 by ID(io)T Team


Development and operational history


Aermacchi went on to perform an effective "facelift" on the MB-326 to create the "MB-339", a modernized derivative. The first of two "MB-339X" prototypes performed its initial flight on 12 August 1976, with the second following on 20 May 1977. The first of 107 production "MB-339A" trainers for the AMI performed its initial flight on 20 July 1978, with the type entering service in 1979.

The MB-339 retained substantial commonality with the MB-326, differing mainly in a new forward fuselage with a raised cockpit, and twin ventral fins plus a taller tailfin to compensate for the loss in yaw stability due to the new forward fuselage. The MB-339 also featured updated systems, particularly rocket-boosted SICAMB / Martin Baker Mark 1T-10F ejection seats with "zero zero" (zero speed zero altitude) capability. However, the MB-339 retained the Viper 632-43 engine; Aermacchi had seriously considered replacing it with a more modern and fuel-economical engine, but the Viper was cheap, reliable, and had good performance. The engine was license-built by Piaggio. The MB-339 retained the six stores pylons of the MB-326G. It did not have built-in cannon, but cannon pods, dumb bombs, and rocket launchers were qualified as stores for the light attack role.The MB-339 has been export in Argentina where ten "MB-339AA" were obtained by the Argentine Navy (ARA), with the type operating against the British during the Falklands War in 1982. Other MB-339A users included Dubai (seven), Ghana (four), Malaysia (thirteen MB-339AM), Nigeria (twelve MB-339AN), and Peru (sixteen MB-339AP).





The War Trial

Lt Guillermo Owen Crippa, a young Argentine Fleet Air Arm pilot, was tasked as No 2 of an armed patrol from Stanley airfield shortly after sun-up. The other Aermacchi jet trainer became unserviceable, so Crippa launched on his own. Near Jersey Point he spotted a Royal Navy Lynx helicopter, but as he pulled up to dive on it, he also sighted the ‘enemy’ invasion force anchored in San Carlos Water. Crippa broke off, reported his discovery of the British to his controller in Stanley – and then announced his intention to attack.

At low level and high speed he emerged from the radar shadow of Fanning Head, and fired all his podded Zuni rockets at HMS ARGONAUT. Crippa then engaged a RFA stores ship with his 30mm DEFA cannon, and before exiting the combat zone, took notes on the number and types of ship sheltering in San Carlos Water. He was subsequently awarded Argentina’s highest decoration for valour in combat. The British were also given a first taste of the courage and determination that characterizes Argentine military aviators.






Simply copy all the files in the respective directory of your game folder.

"User"\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2





NGHENGO: Main 3D model

Bobrock: 3D model and Cockpit

Paulopanz: Lots of skins, decals and Hangar & Loading screens

Spillone104: DEFA gunpods, INI work and sound

Baffmeister: FM tuning

Aleducat: Martin Backer MK10-1 seat

FastCargo: Fake pilot


Beta testers : All the above plus, Aleks, Starfighter2, Canadair, Erikgen, Silverbolt, triplethr3at, Steve_S, Blasto, Dysko.




Legal stuff:


This mod is freeware. Commercial use is not allowed.





Enjoy and good flight. :)


June 2011


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