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Retired military vehicles.

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Let's kick off this new thread, just out of healthy interest!


I myself am the proud owner of a 1978 Land Rover Lightweight

which served in the Dutch military between 1978 and 1992.

It's a 24V FFR (Fitted For Radio) Dutch specs, fitted with a nice

(not original) hardtop. Engine is a small 2.25 liter diesel

which gives it a low top speed but incredibly good terrain performance.

It is not as thirsty as the petrol 2.25 but a lot noisier...


I have it since March and have been upgrading/repairing/replacing

stuff to return it to the military specs. I added better (Defender) seats,

seat belts (to fit a kiddy seat!) and rear seats for passengers.

Replaced the terrible mirrors with the better Defender mirrors which

have also been (retro)fitted on many English Lightweights.

Refitted the Hella military lights kit and many other small details.


This is the one, this is mine!


Cheers all,




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A cousin of mine has several, an early 1941 Jeep, an M3 Halftrack and a Weasel. When I get the chance I'll get some pics, I always wanted to drive a halftrack.

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Ths is my backyard retired military vehicle. Hurts for an AF guy to use a Navy tool, but flying is flying...


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