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MODS_elephant Uploaded

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I finally uploaded my little tiny mods... :grin:




Here is the Read me file:


This RAR contains my little-tiny Mods:




REWORKED TRACER TEXTURES: with increased luminosity but reduced in size by 60% from OFF originals.

(Compatible with Creaghorn's tracer mod).


SPANDAU SOUND: original spandau sound by Winston, including adjusted external sound by me).

Also included, bullet impact sounds by Creaghorn.


START UP SOUND FOR GERMANY: "Contact-Clear" sound replaced by a German equivalent taken from a real Start up sequence of Mikael Carlson's Fokker VII.


The mods are ready to use via JSGME.

Just drop them into your MODS folder and enable.

Otherwise, follow the the folder structure of each mod to manually install them.

(Back up the original files first, just in case)...




July 2011

Spyros Tsimas




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Thank you for those fine mods - they came just right for today's flights, elephant!

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thanks for your compilation. just wanted to mention that mikael carlson is no german but from sweden and that he used the normal english "contact", so unfortunately nothing of it is germanrelated, nor did the germans in WW1 use the term "contact" but rather "anwerfen". :salute:

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Oh, I didn't know, I was fooled by the accent... :doh::blush:

I guess I have to find another recording... :rolleyes:

Thanks for the correction Creaghorn! :punish::good:

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