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IAI/Grumman F-14I 'Petten' (Cobra)

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Being impressed of the interception capabilities of the F-14 combined with the AIM-54 Phoenix, the IDF decided to order themselves a modified version of the F-14B, the bombing capable version of the Tomcat. Modifications were performed by IAI. The modifications also needed the AIM-54C to be modified.


Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the national arms manufacturer, created, based on the construction plans of the Phoenix, the 'Serpent' LRAAM, which design was identical to the Phoenix but with israeli electronics inside. The missile was extensely tested over the mediterranean sea and proofed to be equal to the AIM-54 concerning performance, reliability and accuracy. Primary role was the interception of incoming enemy planes from seaside long before reaching the coast and secondary role was Strike and Ant-Ship-Missions.


To squadrons got equipped with the 'Petten': The Valley Squadron (109th) and the Flying Dragon Squadron (115th)


Cobra from the 115th Squadron ready to bite...



Fox 3!



109th Squadron skin



Patrolling the homeland



Breaking for attack


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Ain't Peten the nickname of Israeli Apaches?

It is but as this is What if anything can and usually does go... also as the Tom was flying long before the Apache it works well...


just look at Spinners stuff amazing stuff but downright weird... so wrong that they are right


Love the paint jobs...

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BVR Engagements are against the NATO and Geneva... so any missile Equal to AIM54c would be useless.


Don't exactly get what you mean. This plane is considered to have been used between 1996 and 2006. AIM-54 was retired in 2004. So why would be the use of BVR would be against NATO and Geneva? And since it is a what if, I don't think this has to be considered or am I wrong?

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BVR is as far as I remember not against the Geneva Convention. As an ex member of the RAF I know it was practised as BVR is the only way to kill another aircraft sometimes.


Also a lot of the Air to Air Kills in Gulf 1 where BVR and the majority of kills over Bosnia and Kosov where BVR with Amraam's.


Anyway NazGhul as I said great skins...

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