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  1. Well, did the fresh install thing again, ran flawlessly. Thanks guys!
  2. Yeah, i'm not quite sure what is doing that as i tried to run the .exes unmodded and it gave me the same results. Anyways, thanks boys!
  3. Update: Seems like what is causing the game issue is, whenever i ask my wingman to fire at an air target using specifically the AIM-7D Sparrow (fresh install again, btw) the game goes bananas and it crashes me to desktop
  4. i have patched the game through the latest one, for some reason it still crashed. Another thing to note is that it happens mostly on the Desert (aka OG SF2 map) while other maps/executables such as SF2E or SF2I it doesn't happen, at least not as regularly
  5. Hello, good evening people. I was back at playing the game after a while and it keeps crashing on me, especially during the campaign. I'm not sure what causes it, but it happens always after i order my wingmen to attack something (my target or not), seemingly happening after they lock onto something. I'm currently patching the game through all the official patches (Merged, June 2012 as of now - but going through July 2013 as i'm writing this) I'll keep updating this topic as i go on, but if there is no way fixing it by patching, is there something i can do (compat mode, messing around with .cfg, whatever) to correct it?
  6. Hello all, Sorry for the lack of updates on this project of mine, as graduation and some other stuff did carry me away from this for a while. I managed to make two more skins for the aircraft - Hill Grey I and II, based around Alabama ANG's F-4D. Those units operated a Pave Spike/Maverick setup by that point, so i figured representing them on a Strike mission would look somewhat fitting. Still need to work on the decals and fuel tank's textures, but i sense most of the job on skinning is pretty much done. There they are: I'll update this thread as soon as I'm able to make those textures and decals look as smooth as possible, so keep na eye out here!
  7. I managed to make it work properly now, it was some sort of compression which rendered them "invisible", here they are now (i still need to get a put them a little bit lower, but so far so good) I'm also using 3W's default fuel tanks, since the ones specified to the original F-105G only comes in SEA camouflage, and as I wanted to make other skins from this that's what i've came up with.
  8. Good afternoon, folks, I managed to make a skin from the template you guys got me, there they are: Also notice that i was messing around with it's data.ini so it can carry AGMs and Guided Bombs (both eletro-optical and laser-guided), although the loadout.ini of it is already set to use TW's default weapons Only thing i need to work properly is the decals, but i can't make them appear properly on the aircraft; so, as a placeholder, i'm using the games default F-105 tail numbers. Can some of you give me a light on this? Would be much appreciated ;)
  9. They sure do look lovely, i'll see what i can do with it in a bit! Which year were these SLUFs serving with this specific ANG paint schemes? they look nice, also the ones on Euro I seems great, looking forward to try and skin them in. Problem is, i ain't really used to skinning aircraft, so they might not look as beautiful as these :P Worth to give a try though
  10. I guess that would be more of a creative license than an actual thing, but, well, as this is a "what-if" scenario that would be something to consider
  11. Hey guys, First of all, i can't thank you all enough for the support on this little project of mine, i'll make my best for the effort pay off on this! By the way, quotation time: Well, i was actually going around for either a NM finish or some Desert Camouflage (such as the 3W Phantoms use in the Dhimar-Paran map), but I found out that modifying the original skin would've become very silly and it might not get into what i wanted, so yeah; But either of those greenier camos would be really nice as well! Wow, that looks really great though! That said, i really thought that the wings would look a little off, as the real-life aircraft had those modified, right? Well, guess that's another story. I'll see what i can do with this template, cheers For the rest of the people who i didn't get a proper reply, once again I thank for the support, i'll do my best to make sure you all won't be disappointed with it!
  12. Hi all, I am new to this business of creating mods and whatnot, but i was messing around the ArmorDave's F-105G and trying to answer myself "what if those aircraft remained in service long after Vietnam?", and i pretty much got some success on it. Thing is, i really wanted to make use of another paint scheme other than that SEA TO 1-1-4 it always have, but i didn't find and skin/templates for this specific mod. It may be a tall order asking for, but i really want to go further on this little creation of mine and, maybe, publishing it later on. Could you guys help me on that?
  13. Ain't Peten the nickname of Israeli Apaches?
  14. (Fictional/ What if) Fenrir -Ace combat X

    The file "To Work for WOI" you pass it's content to the main folder of the aircraft.Then it work with all SF1-series games. BTW,i made myself an skin,i call it "Sabre Squad".
  15. [Fictional] FA-18I Akav (Buzzard)

    Nice job!!

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