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Buccaneer Mk50 SAAF for SF2

Buccaneer Mk50 SAAF for SF2




Buccaneer Mk50_1965 without refuelprobe - optional lods with refuelprobe are includet

Buccaneer Mk50_1980 with Chaff/Flare dispenser and refuelprobe

Buccaneer Mk50 Cockpit

SAAF Weapons

Mk6 Ejection Seat



the optional lod´s with refuelprobe for the Mk50_1965 are includet because based on the mission this probe could be mounted , so it is up to you wich lod´s you like to use , mostly the Mk50 in the early years was flying without the probe




- strg+0 = canopy open close

- strg+9 = nose and wing-fold

- Thrustvector controll = RATO´s on/off


the RATO you have to manualy start and stop with your Thrustvector controll if you forget to stop or use the ratos infligth you may soon run out of fuel




for instalations please read the README




this are high poly models with high-res skins




- original Model by Russouk2004

- Skins and decals by Paulopanz

- Loading and Hangar screens by Soulman and Gustav

- FM rework by Kreelin,Spillone104,Baffmeister,Cliff11

- Missions by Pureblue and Paulopanz

- some weapons in this pack are from Mirage Factory


testcrew ,Dave,Soulman,Crusader,Florian,Slartibartfast,Paulopanz,


- 3D work,templates,Skins,weapon´s and cockpit´s by - ravenclaw_007


i hope i did not forget anybody




vers 1.2 CHANGES from 10.oct.2011


- working/rotating Bulged bombbay door

- BombBay Fuel Tank added

- max fuel load for SAAF BUccaneer now 25900lbs

- typo error on AOA Indicator fixed



have fun



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