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Lothar of the Hill People

OFFice: OFF incomplete campaign editor

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Hello, all. Over the past two years I've been slowing working on and off on some software for OFF. Today I'm releasing alpha versions of two components of OFFice: the OFF incomplete campaign editor. Included so far are:


OFFset - the OFF settings manager. Backup and Restore all of your OFF settings (including system registry, OFF workshops, and the CFS3 config), either in full or in part. Easily restore your OFF experience if you need to reinstall the game, or quickly switch back and forth between different settings profiles for different play styles (multiplayer, campaign, DiD, etc.).


OFFbase: the Barmy Automated Squadron Experience for OFF. This is the big one, a full meta-mod of OFF:


- OFFbase features squadron-based play. Take turns flying multiple pilots

in a squadron while sharing the same roster and more. Separate wingmen are

assigned and flights split as much as possible. Keep flying as a rookie

pilot in your favorite squadron while taking your long-time veteran out

on the occasion you work up the nerve.


- OFFbase implements Bletchley's Pilot Personality Profiles to give each

pilot in the squad character and build relationships between squadmates

over time. This enhances the squadron-based gameplay by fleshing out your

squadron's infrastructure and morale, which affect the development of your

pilots' careers.


- Together, these aspects bring additional features to the game, such as

transferring between squadrons.


This software is very generously classified as Alpha, so your mileage may vary. READ THE INCLUDED README FILES!!!


Let me know what you think. If you run into crashes or serious bugs, give me as much info as possible including any errors that appear in the console.


Good luck!


LINK http://combatace.com/files/file/12391-office-the-off-incomplete-campaign-editor/

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Lothar, you could zip your files and upload to the Download section: OFF User Mods.

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Sounds interesting Lother I'll add the link above for you.

Cool, thanks Polovski!


When I posted the file in Downloads it created another post in the release thread. That one has the updated description, so let's move any discussion and feedback over there. I'll make a post there in a minute so it's the most recent one.


So sorry for the mess, this is my first mod.

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