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USN A-1H/J Loadouts... looking for info

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I've found all kinds of great information and pictures of USAF skyraiders during Vietnam. Their loadouts varied greatly and they carried in incredible array of different munitions. During CAS/Sandy missions they'd carry gunpods, AN-M47 WP bombs, rocket pods, and CBU-25 dispensers amongst other things (napalm too, I guess). Skyraiders.org is a great place to find stuff (especially the combat journal), but it's all USAF.


Did USN A-1's carry all the same stuff when flying CAS? I haven't seen images of any USN A-1's loaded out the way the USAF ones were. At the most, the USN A-1's seem to carry a few rocket pods and maybe a couple of Snakeyes. Did they ever carry the AN-M47's or CBU-25's? Napalm, maybe?


Also, I haven't seen images or read anything about A-1's from either service ever using CBU-24's. Does anyone know if they ever did?




PS - I well aware of the toilet bomb!!! Not the info I'm looking for! :grin:

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Have photos with these:



500LB Box Fin

1000LB Box fin

rocket pods

MK24 flares


MK77 mod1 550LB Napalm (1 photo of)

MK54 350Lb depth bombs

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