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Joe Hallenbeck

Real Vietnam Era RWR sounds

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Hi guys!

When I as younger I read the book from J. M Broughton called The Thud! I was really interested in real sounds of the RWR from the day I've read the book. Author decribed the sound as "coiling rattlesnake ready to strike". Even though I found some sounds at local download section, I wasn't satisfied, just because the records sound quite vaguely. So I started to search for the real cockpit sound records from the Vietnam era. Finally I found really interesting pages with F-105 cockpit sounds, recorded during the Wild Weasel mission over north Vietnam. Maybe someone could be interested in real sounds of the F-105F Wild Weasel RWR at EWO's back seat during the SEAD mission too. ;-)


There's the link



I'm not American so I don't understand the speech of pilots well, but I suppose the track No. 9, 10, 12, and 13 contain sounds of the Vietnam era RWR with the sounds of "tracking radar" and "locked radar" indication!


Hope that someone more skillful with editing the audio, will bring to Us real RWR sounds of the 60's era Birds. ;-)


I apologize for poor english, I'm not American or Brit

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Unfortunately, only one "set" of RWR tones are allowed per aircraft in this series. We've been lobbying the developer to expand on this, to allow us to "link" the RWR threat tones to various emitters, so we could differentiate a Fansong from a Firecan, or a MiG-21's spin scan radar, but the answers been the same; "it's not in our budget"


Anyway, here's your Fansong Track and Fansong Lock:


FangSong.zip :good:

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