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Dear IL-2 fans,


On behalf of 1C:Maddox Games and Daidalos Team, we are pleased to present you the patch 4.11.


The development of 4.11 patch took us yet another year to complete. Our main focus was on delivering you an uncompromised 6DoF experience and a large scale re-programming of AI logic. We have also listened to your feedback regarding bomb fuzes as introduced in 4.10 and have completely reworked this optional selectable feature in more detail and historical accuracy. Along side the new planes, ground units and additional content included in the patch, we believe that each of you will find something you have been waiting for and will now enjoy.


As with the previous patches we would like to ask the IL-2 community members to please report any relevant issues or errors we did not catch through our beta testing process. We have just opened three 4.11 debugging threads. One is dedicated to new AI changes, the second for any 6DoF related issues, and the third one for all other general bugs.





Of course you can also use our DT email for the bug reports: daidalos.team@gmail.com


We would like to thank all those who made their mirror servers available for the 4.11 patch download. Please note that Mission4Today download links are available for its registered members only.


Last but not least we would like to dedicate this patch to late Sergey 'Vert' Kubyshkin, a talented Russian modeller who passed away and did not get a chance to fly the IL-4 in the cockpit he built for all of us to enjoy. S!


The final version of 4.11 Guide is included with the patch download.


4.11 English/International version:









4.11 Russian version:








4.11 Dedicated Server:








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Good work team! Thanks for your countless, and seemingly thankless hours on this patch!


This will make my month!

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yeah some details?




or in short:


Main Features
• 6DoF support with over 100 fixed cockpits
• AI improvements
• Improved radiator & overheat modeling
• Difficulty option changes
• Bomb fuzes
• Stationary plane spawning
• Reworked bomb damage
• Control surface & pilot's head positions transferred over network
• Mouse wheel zoom
• Bombing commands
• Additional waypoint parameters

New Flyable Planes
• PE-8
• TB-7 M40
• IL-4
• Fw 190 A-4 1.42 ATA
• Mosquito XVIII "Tse-Tse"

New AI Planes
• TBD-1
• Hs 123
• IK-3
• Cant Z 506B
• Ki-45 Kai Hei
• Ki-45 Kai Tei

New ground units
• Autoblindo AB 41
• Carro Armato L6-40
• Carro Armato 13-40
• Semovente 47-32
• Semovente 75-18-40
• Crusader III
• Several new groups and companies based on existing tanks & vehicles


And a link to the full 3MB guide in PDF format with A LOT of details:



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If you haven't give it a try yet, I urge you to do so. If you park in front of the average AI, they will now shoot your ass off for you very quickly. It isn't perfect and it isn't quite as good AI wise as BOBII, but it's getting pretty close.

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I applied patch 4.11 two days ago and now I can't launch sim. After about three seconds it aborts. Can this be fixed or do I have to re-install?

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Yes clean install and yes i found the fix and NADA. Opening the download I see simple DLL file which includes other components. I placed that DLL file as found in the main folder.

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Are you running Win7 or Vista? Did you install it in the default location under program files? If so, you need to install it in the C: root folder. Make an Ubisoft folder and install it in there. Once done you can make copies of it using copy and paste for whatever purposes you want. Check your folder properties and make sure you have read write access on all contents. Maybe try running it as an administrator? If none of those work, try a re-install.

Edited by Dave63

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Sounds like process I followed some time back on a modded version. I am running under Vista.I will try running as admin first. Can I just move entire set of game files from programs to C drive. Not sure if that will work under Vista. In any case I'll give a try tonight.


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I would delete it all and try a complete re-install. Check SAS, they have "all in one" patches that will bring you 4.09 all the way to 4.11. Might help.

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