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Armored Cars

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I have uploaded a set of five armored cars for First Eagles. These will show up in place of tanks for Army Co-operation missions during the early years of the war, and for nations that did not have tanks. The data file is a combination of the truck and tank data files, and I have included a destroyed version and played with the data so they explode and burn pretty well. I have not tested this in FE2, but I believe it will work OK. Please post to let me know if you have problems with installation or game play in FE2.






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Stephen these are really great additions. Thank you.


I wont have time to run these in the game. I spend what time I can downloading items for WW1 and WW2 ahead of my pending blackout. I did have a look at the data files and noticed the armour is set to a default of '5'. I'd remind everyone that they can increase these if the armoured cars appear to blow up or burn too easily.

Thanks again Stephen. Please keep up your great work.


Cheers Grinseed

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Thanks guys. I made the Ehrhardt and Putilov for Lemberg because tanks weren't very common on the Eastern Front. Then I made a few more to use on some of the other fronts. I didn't spend too much time on the data files, I was mostly concerned with making them move at a reasonable speed, and rotate their turrets and fire their guns in a reasonable way. Feel free to tweak them if you want.


I've learned a lot about skinning and rigging, now I'm going back to making airplanes. :biggrin:



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