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F-16A Falcon, Generic USAF/NATO Gray Skin/Decal/Ini Pak

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F-16A Falcon, Generic USAF/NATO Gray Skin/Decal/Ini Pak

F-16A Falcon, Generic USAF/NATO Gray Skin/Decal/Ini Pak


= For SF2, Full-4 Merged Required =*


*Note: at minimum, you =MUST= have SF2:I, as this mod references the cockpit, aircraft and other required items =ONLY= found within a Full-4 or SF2:I. If you don't meet these minimium criteria, don't D/L this, as you wont be able to use it*


This package expands on the work of MigBuster and others, and will allow for the creation of a stock 3W F-16A (probably Blks 1-10, although I'm not as 'up' on Falcon block numbers as I should be...).

A complete set of inis are included, fully updated as of Nov, 2011. Newly added is a Userlist.ini, although this may need expansion/clarification of StartYear dates. Changes are welcomed and encourged! -Remember, this is the Early Production A model only!!


All new Hangar and Loading screens are included. The canopy operates via a manual animation key (Shift/0, as always).

Other Ini edits remove the internal jammer, and add one to the external centerline position, and other small Loadout modifications. See "Notes" below for more info.


It should be noted at this time, that seperate from the main section of this download, are 'fixed' Decal and Textureset inis for MigBuster's F-16A skins. These skins are NOT included. You can find them in the SF2 Aircraft Skins download section (links are supplied in the "To Install" section below). BE ADVISED: install his -first!!-, then add the inis I've supplied. See below for more info on the "MigBuster Skin Fixes" in the "To Install" section.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them!! Also, don't forget the "Notes" section for expansive esplainations and other illuminations.


Happy Landings!


kevin stein

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ho-ho-ho! Santa you again!:grin:


many thanks, off to download!

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