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'What nearly was' Royal New Zealand Air force F-16A/B Block 15 OCU/MLU Anthology.

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'What nearly was' Royal New Zealand Air force F-16A/B Block 15 OCU/MLU Anthology.

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'What nearly was' Royal New Zealand Air force F-16A/B Block 15 OCU/MLU Anthology.



When doing some research about the proposed Kahu II upgrade for the RNZAF A-4K fleet I found some good info on the New Zealand F-16 deal 'that nearly was' in the late 1990s/early 2000s. I decided to make as accurate 'what if' version I could.


Ive used the Mirage factory F-16A/B Block 15 OCU model which is the version we would have received as they were built for Pakistan but embargoed and put in storage.


I added a A-4K style UHF antenna just behind the refuelling receptacle.


I've left the weapons the same as used by the upgraded A-4K fleet in 2001 except for the addition of the Litening targeting pod and Harpoon ASM which were going to be procured along side the F-16. Since the RNZAFs primary role is close air support it was unlikely any extra money was going to be spent on any radar guided missile, such as the AIM-120, as their air-to-air role was seen as one of primarily self defence.


The terms of the deal included a Mid Life Upgrade at the end of the 10 year lease period when we would have purchased the aircraft. As part of the MLU I have included the integration of the AIM-9X along with the JHMCS as it stands to reason that the RNZAF's AIM-9L models would have been considered to be going out of date by 2009. The Pylon Integrated Dispensing System (PIDS) has also been included as part of the MLU as it is in some European Mid Life Upgrades.


Also on the MLU aircraft are ALQ-131 ECM pods which there were provisions for in the original terms of the lease but most likely would have been pushed out to the time of the MLU because of the extra costs.


There are 4 separate aircraft that represent the 13 'A' and 9 'B' model Vipers before and after a Mid Life Upgrade (MLU):


-F-16A Blk 15 OCU RNZAF (What if?)


-F-16B Blk 15 OCU RNZAF (What if?)


-F-16AM Blk 15 MLU RNZAF (What if?)


-F-16BM Blk 15 MLU RNZAF (What if?)


I've given the A models the serial numbers NZ6301 through to NZ6313 and the B models NZ6314 through to NZ6322


2 Different skins for the operational aircraft are included which are; the Pakistani style camouflage scheme the aircraft were already painted when New Zealand placed the order and they would have been delivered in. As well as an all over medium grey used on all current RNZAF aircraft since around 2003.


8 Special/Commemorative skins are also included such as; high-viz Commanding Officers aircraft, Rugby World Cup All Blacks supporters scheme, a couple of retro Kiwi Skyhawk style skins, an Aggressor skin plus a few others.


You can use the mission editor to load alternate loadout options that include the AIM-120 or are specific to close air support roles in Afghanistan etc


Also included is a extensive RWR.LST and set of RWR.TGA files.






Just Extract the files, then drag and drop into your mods folder and override when prompted.



Thread in Sci-Fi/Anime/What If Forum with lots of screen shots: http://combatace.com...lock-15-ocumlu/


Links to Info on the cancelled RNZAF F-16 'deal of century' that nearly was:

http://f-16.net/f-16_users_article28.html (3/4 of the way down the page)



These F-16 are a mix match between the best parts of all the F-16 mods available with new/modified/enhanced skins of my own. I've also re written most of the data.ini and avionics.ini files with updated data from the net especially when it comes to the performance of the radar after the MLU update.




Dave's Mirage Factory F-16C Block 25/30/32/40/42/50/52 3.0 and Mirage Factory F-16B Block 15:


-Moonjumper (aka Crusader)




-X Ray





The NATO Fighters Team for the F-16A Block 15 OCU model


ace888 for the PAK skin


ravenclaw007 for the Weapons - Pack 1 vers 1.2


331Killerbee for the MGunny's Ordnance Shop II for SF2






Dan. :drinks:


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