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I have been able to obtain some nifty large resolution pictures of the aircraft I fly in SF2. I love to view the real aircraft for the hangar and loading screens. However, the best I can do with Paint is to make a black background with a small resolution photo in the upper right corner to get the effect I need for the hangar screens. The only tool I have available is Microsoft Paint. I was wondering if it is possible using that program to create that nifty shaded area overlaying a full-screen photo that is used by better modders to create the really well-done hangar screens that I have seen here. I cannot figure out how to use Paint to get the shaded overlay. Any ideas or is this impossible with paint?

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why not d/l Gimp to make your hangar and loading screens? it will change the format easily for loading screens (if you want to change from say bitmap to jpeg) and with some practice can make the hangar screens. have not done it myself but more due to working skins and esp. tga's rather than hangar screen. i know photos can be played with as i often lift markings off of photos for decals. and finally its free! as for Paint the most i did with it before getting Gimp is resize bitmaps for my older comp. so not sure if you could but defineatly reccomend getting Gimp instead.

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Jug, I dont think mspaint supports layers.

That's how I do the transparent part in gimp.

It's a free program, and we can help you out with this if you prefer to switchover.

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why not use the SF2 template set I uploaded some time back?


there's 2 paks, on just the hangar screen ..




and all the rest...




save ya a hellvalota time!


after all, I still am the Hangar Screen King!


EDIT: yes, get GIMP!!

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