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EA-6A "Electric Intruder" by The Intruders

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EA-6A "Electric Intruder" by The Intruders

EA-6A Electric Intruder, for SF2, by The Intruders
= For SF2, Any and All (but designed for Full-5 Merged and/or SF2:NA) =


*Note: operation era would be towards the end of the Vietnam War*


REMINDER: you =MUST= install this update package to the original download. The location URL and Full instructions ™, are below in the "To Install" section. It is also HIGHLY reccomended you read this entire document, after unzipping but BEFORE installing over the original download.


This is a semi-complete mod, with almost everything needed to unzip and install. All aircraft inis, lods, new drop tank, the ALQ-76 jammer pod (with corrected start date) etc are included (uses the same drop tank as the KA-6D recently uploaded).
However, the cockpit, is =NOT=!! You'll have to supply your own, as outlined in posts on the CA Message Boards. You must also have 1stGen WoV or WoE in your possession to extract the necessary cockpit parts =FROM= to install to this mod. All I've suppled are the updated inis, and the single RWR bmp (that replaces the dash clock).


Skins suppled are:


VMCJ-2 (early)
VMCJ-2 (late, black tail)


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them! The Notes section contains further details, descriptions, elightenments, illuminations, and so forth. Be good to read them, too.
No, seriously ... unzip this archive and =READ= everything first!!! It's exceptionly important you do so....and equally important, to follow the instructions exactly as I've given them to you!
Full credits to the originators, hopefully all are listed in the 'Credits' section.


Good Hunting!
kevin stein


9/23/2015 -- V.2 uploaded. some small changes

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some (if not all) are your skins, right Pete? Wanna make sure the credits are right!


and thank you!!!

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Nice work as usual I’m sure wrench :clapping: But what do you think

about creating a separate download section for SF2 modes requiring SF2:NA? Reason being that it is such a change from the old SF2 titles in terms of extra features a mod

requires to take advantage of what SF2:NA has to offer. As we update all our

old SF2 mods to work with SF2:NA we could move them across to that new download







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Looks great!


Any chance of doing the "other" electric intruder? EA-6B with the hi-viz bright schemes common in the late 70's?

Edited by Wrench

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just waiting for TK to reply to my mesh name requests over at the 3rdWire site. Got 3 skins for the SF2NA Prowler, needing those locations for decals.


I proll will NOT be upgrading the older Prowler by Monty; there's no real reason


I don't think we're going to really need a seperate SF2NA section; we just tag them as such (like I did), or the newer carrier parking statements will just be ignored by non-sf2na installs. That' how it's worked before; it the game dlls don't have something, and the ini does, it just ignores the ini. Besides, that only for wing fold

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