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Desert3 Terrain



SF2 has always been my favourite of all the platforms; and after downloading and using the various terrain mods for SF2E and SF2V with hungry anticipation I decided to HEAVILY modify the stock Desert terrain with more than enough of eye candy.





Without giving too much away, the geographical story is now as follows:


*As well as Dhimar and Paran, I've added Sharnak from baffmeister's Desert 2 terrain (my inspiration for this), now a colony which is known as the British Protectorate of Sharnak. RAF squadrons are permanently based there. A couple of other bases, border posts and the like have also been added from Desert 2

*I always thought that D9 and D10 airfields were always a little too close to the border. They've now been moved to the Dhimari 'wastelands' which you'll see on the centre left side of the enclosed planning map

*About ten SAM sites have been added to various locations on Dhimar and the amount of SAM sites across Paran has been hugely increased, the biggest increase being Paran's capital city of Kurzah; which in SAM site and Flak battery terms is now more like Hanoi during the Vietnam War.

*Ships, cranes, oil tanks, warehouses and the like have been added to ports on both sides. Now the capital cities of Muthala and Kurzah, have extensive docklands. Other coastal towns have at least one docking area for shipping.

*(15TH AUG 2010): Inspired by JSF Aggie's SF2 Range terrain, all airfields on both sides have been extensively facelifted and given a new lease of life by re-populating them with huge amounts of groundobjects, both new and old. They now look a lot more like real life airfields instead of that deserted 'Chernobyl International Airport' look in the default airfields. All airfields have also been re-catagorised into two different groups; 'Red' and 'Blue'. For example, a Dhimari DESERT_AIRFIELD4 will now be 'BLUE_AIRFIELD4' and a Parani one will now be 'RED_AIRFIELD4'. New trucks have been added as default groundobjects so they'll have to be downloaded elsewhere on the site (see 'Installation' for details).

*(24TH MARCH 2012): All neccessary INI files have been updated to March 2012 standard. RAF Canopic is now called "Canopic AFB" and is a full-time U.S. Air Force facility. All friendly airfields and some enemy airfields have been enhanced further by adding more groundobjects and in general just tidying up and re-arranging buildings, etc. Offshore oil wells have been situated off the Sharnak and Dhimari coasts. U.S. bomber flights can now attack Paran via the off-map airbase at Diego Garcia. Army bases have been added across Dhimar and in Sharnak for you to defend from Parani bomber attacks.






Simply unzip the FILE and put the enclosed 'DESERT3' folder into your Terrain folder. NOTE: Please ensure that you drop the enclosed groundobjects into you mod folder, otherwise there'll be no trucks anywhere in Dhimar and no oil rigs in the offshore oilfields!!


Important Note: If you don't already have these, you should download them from the SF1 downloads section, otherwise they won't show up:

*SAMs & Vehicles Pack with Desert Skins by Pasko.

*Soviet Transport Pack by Kesselbrut.

*M109A6 Paladin by rebel ryder.





*Factory Target Area, Tactical Control Centre, HeadquartersR1 and Tower H1 by Wingwiner


*Enhanced Top Cloud Layer BMPs and PECCO Crane model by Fubar512


*Radar Facility by Grumpapotamus


*Railway Station and Small Oil Rig models by Gepard


*Generic Hangars pack by Stary


*Desert Factories mod by Wrench


*Small Oil Rig model by Gepard


*New DS terrain textures by comrad



*Borrowed Items from Wrench's Libya Terrain :

Tree model

Round Tents

Barbed Wire



Russian Freighter

Oil Refinery target area

Static Helicopters

Rotten Trawlers

Libyan Koni Class Frigate (Now Parani)


*Borrowed Items From Falklands Mod :

Stanley Tower

Atlantic Causway and Atlantic Conveyor

Canberra Liner

Argentine Tugboat (now a Parani Patrolboat)

ARA Belgrano (now a Dhimari Flagship)

Baltic & Nordic Ferries

Type 1 & 2 Trawlers (including rotten models)

Type 12 Frigate

Type 42 Destroyer

Rapier SAM launcher & Rapier Generator

20mm RH-202 & 35mm Oerlikon AAA units

Crane 2 object and Jetties

All Land Rover type vehicles


*Borrowed Items From Desert Storm Mod :

Various target areas such as Oil Refineries, Scud Sites and Firebases

Satellite and Radio Antennas






D-20 artillery pieces


Sandbag walls

Ammo boxes

Nuclear Plant


*Borrowed Items From SF2 Range Terrain :

Forklift and ShelterZU by Amokfloo

Firetrucks by Ravenclaw

FloodLight, SmallGenerator, ConcreteBlock and SunShelter by Pureblue

Static Chinook model by Banidos Team

Tools by Polak


Thanks to the creators of all the above mods.


NOTE: If I've forgotten to mention anybody please get in touch so I can give you the credit you deserve!



Thanks to Deuces for his editing of some DS terrain tiles.

Special thanks to Dave for his encouragement and assistance. The project wouldn't have been taken to this level only for him pointing me towards the right people.


If you have any queries or problems please don't hesitate to send me a message.



24th March 2012


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mmmm, tasty!

Allways been fan or yor stock maps update work Piecemeal! D/L

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Thank you for the updated terrain. They've given a ton of life to the default dead air bases.



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I'm playing a campaign on your revamped desert map, but some objects don't appear as targets when I appear the target zone. It's usually when I fly SEAD missions and obviously I'm unable to complete the mission.

Is there something i need to add to my campaign data ini file?

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. All airfields have also been re-catagorised into two different groups; 'Red' and 'Blue'. For example, a Dhimari DESERT_AIRFIELD4 will now be 'BLUE_AIRFIELD4' and a Parani one will now be 'RED_AIRFIELD4'.


Is there a reson for this? as it makes difficult to stage campaings designed for the stock terrain on this perfrct add on

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I installed this again in a separate mod folder. I wanted to try it out again as last time it had a few glitches...

But still... when I do a CAS mission there are no tanks to blow up and the landing route to D10 (or was it D9) sent my wingmen straight into a mountain.


And when I want to fly a campaign on it, the game crashes... Maybe the strategic nodes don't fit the new terrain? I dunno...

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