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Hi all, me stupid, stupid, stupid, started TRYING to do some editing of the cat files. I got all of them extracted, they were put into folders in the drive i specified. Now the problem is where do I put them now. In the /thirdwire/strikefighters2vietnam/objects folder, and do I just dump all of the contents of the files created there or what? Also the .msn i see, in the missions, 2 folders, one is training missions, and the other Combat missions, then there area some .msn files in that folder also, but most are in the training and combat folders, Where should all the .msn files be located? Actually none of the carrier missions work but I might be able to work thru this. Probably dont have some files loaded or in the wrong place. Attached is my mission folder. post-55278-0-77122600-1335040104.jpg

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Put them in your Mod folder, create a folder called "Missions" and it'll see them.

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why anyone would NEED to extract all the files is beyond me ... as 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999% get some small change with every patch...


they go INTO the folder for what they are...



Mig-21MF_Data.ini goes into the /Objects/Aircraft/MiG-21MF folder.

Same for any aircraft or ground object - into the folder for what they 'work' on


decals, I wouldn't even bother keeping the extracted cats; or even thinking about trying to find them a home in the mods folder ... the 9million gigs they take up ... whooossh!!!


what I do, is just extract what's needed at the moment; for those that I wish to keep handy (like decals that are sometimes needed for reference or 'modifications'), I have a seperate folder to store them in in the /saved games/third wire.


you will find however, you really won't need all the HD space taken up with them. Expecially the stock missions ... they're readily avialable from any/all installs


edit: bonus points for IDing the Win7 joke folder....

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