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just finally installed the orignal SF2 and trying to determine the history of Dhimar vs Paran. focusing on Dhimar first, what resources are out there listing what they had outside of various what ifs? roughly how big is the country? you know the kind of info you would get from the old World Book encyclopedias.


secondly has anyone made a concerted effort to set up squadrons and OrBats for the Dhimar AF, Navy etc? would be interesting to know and more interesting to make if it hasnt been already .

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I did a few skins theat had very minor back stories with them.feel free to use or not use any thing there. I think Dhimar should be similar to Jordan. A stable semi-free Arab republic and Paran seems to be more like Syria to me a petty and evil dictatorship. I would assume they were once colonial dependents of a european power,most likely the UK. Maybe Paran can have had a Nazi influence like Iraq did during WWII. just some thoughts.

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From the SF2 online manual:



Burning Sands Campaign

Two proud nations, one oil rich desert, one very old conflict...


April 1919: Mazadran Desert

During an expedition hosted by the Amir of Dhimar, geologists from the Northern Oil Company discover oil leaking to the surface in a place called the Valley of Kerman. It is desolate landscape in the Al'Samara region lying very near the eastern border of the Kingdom of Dhimar and the western border of the Empire of Paran. This border region has always been in dispute, and the Amir claims the inhospitable region as a territory of Dhimar, beginning drilling operations with Western-backed capital.


August 1919: Mazadran Desert

The Shah of Paran disputes the Dhimari claim to the newly discovered Mazadran Oil Fields. Shah Mushani sends Parani cavalry cross the rocky sands of the Mazadran Desert and, after fierce fighting, the battle for the Valley of Kerman ends with the retreat of the Parani army. It marks the beginning of a long conflict between the two nations.


September 1933: Mazadran Desert

After over a decade of fighting, Shah Mushani has grown old and no longer has the will to continue the long-running and unsuccessful war against Dhimar. Over the years, numerous attempts have been made to claim the Mazadran Oil Fields though none have been successful. The entrenched Dhimari, the rugged Valley of Kerman, and the desert itself have kept victory from Paran. The Mazadran Oil Field war gradually slows, then stops, resulting in an uneasy peace.


December 1956: Mazadran Desert

The Kingdom of Dhimar has grown to become a very wealthy and economically powerful nation by selling the oil produced at the Mazadran Oil Fields. There is an increasing feeling of resentment in the Empire of Paran against Dhimar because of the economic disparity between the two neighboring nations.


February 1957: Kurzah, Paran

Pro-reclamation forces led by Halani Komar, and backed by a powerful benefactor, the Soviet Union, successfully stage a bloody coup against the Mushani regime. Once in power, Shah Komar begins secretly building up military forces, using the newest and best Soviet hardware that he is permitted to buy. His goal is to return the Empire of Paran to its former glory by defeating its longtime enemy, the Dhimari, and to reclaim the Mazadran Oil Fields.


September 1957: Muthala, Dhimar

King Husani Al'Galbhi of Dhimar watches with growing concern as reports come in of brand new MiG-17 jet fighters, IL-28 bombers, T-54 tanks and BTR-50 armored personnel carriers seen at new military bases throughout Paran. Tensions increase as Husani approaches the United States for military assistance, and begins to place F-100 jet fighters and M-48 tanks into service to counter the threat.


May 1959: Mosak, Dhimar

Two years of increasing tensions between Paran and Dhimar have culminated in terrorist bombings in the border city of Mosak, located in the Basari River delta. War appears imminent, as Parani forces mass near the border at Maqazad and Riqdur.


June 1959: Mosak, Dhimar

Mosak has been subjected to a blockade by Parani naval forces. Paran now claims ownership of the entire Bay of Basari, and has stopped all Dhimari shipping into and out of Mosak.


June 1959: Muthala, Dhimar

Prince Fa'ad of Dhimar, realizing that their armed forces are still under manned and under equipped, recommends King Husani to institute an emergency buildup of air power. Intrigued and impressed by the legendary Flying Tigers of World War II, he proceeds to form several Special Operations Wings (Mercenary), and fills his new squadrons with foreign pilots who are willing to fly and fight for money and glory.


July 1959: Washington, D.C.

In order to prevent the Soviet-backed Paran from gaining the strategically important oil fields, the United States decides to dispatch military forces to assist Dhimar in the current crisis. The USS Saratoga heads for the region and a squadron of A-4 Skyhawks lands to take up temporary duty at Shaqaz, Dhimar. Meanwhile, F-100 Super Sabres of the 354thTFW, USAF arrive at Muthala, Dhimar, to take a defensive position there.


September 1959: Mazadran Oil Field

Large formations of Parani tanks are seen crossing the Al'Samara River and heading towards the Valley of Kerman and the industrial oil center at Al'Qatan. War has returned to the desert...



Additional Campaigns

War in the desert continues...


Operation Quick Sand

December 1966:

For years, U.N.-backed ceasefire has kept the peace between Empire of Paran and Kingdom of Dhimar. Shah Komar of Paran spent these years secretly rebuilding his military and meticulously planning revenge against Dhimar. His deceptive measures to hide his activities were successful, and he catches U.N. and Dhimari forces by surprise when he launches his well-planned attacks. U.S. reacts swiftly, deploying units to defend the Kingdom.


Operation Rattle Snake

August 1968:

Despite the U.N. backed ceasefire, Empire of Paran continues to support terrorists engaged in guerrilla warfare against Kingdom of Dhimar. In response to repeated guerrilla attacks, Dhimari aircraft violates Parani airspace and destroy terrorist camps just across the border. Paran retaliates with intense artillery fire against Dhimari positions. The exchange escalates into a full-scale war, and U.S. once again deploys units to defend the Kingdom.


Operation Desert Thunder

October 1972:

After years of uneasy truce and massive troop buildup on both sides, hostility between the Empire of Paran and Kingdom of Dhimar reaches a fever pitch. Once again, war appears imminent. Shah Komar of Paran expels U.N. peacekeeping force from the region, closes the ports of Mosak to Dhimari shipping, and masses his troops at the border. In response, King Husani of Dhimar, with support of the United States, makes a bold move: a pre-emptive strike.


Operation Desert Fury

June 1975:

Despite the U.N.-backed ceasefire, tension continues to rise between Empire of Paran and Kingdom of Dhimar. Crisis in other parts of Middle East sends oil price soaring, further deepening the economic divide between the two countries. While petro-dollars pour into oil-rich Dhimar, Paranian economy is on the blink of collapse. Paran's military command, with its oil reserves dwindling fast, sees invasion of Dhimar as the only option for its survival.






As regards squadrons, Spinners has created an excellent Dhimari decal set which is available here from the SFP1 download section:


Dhimari Decal Set



I've used them in all my edited stock campaigns and they work out nicely. PM me tomorrow evening when I get back home and I'll be able to pass some on to you. :salute:

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Always found the story line of Dhimar and Paran interesting. I have used the terrain with a few crazy custom schemes, like Paran with Blinders or Fiddlers. Probably not realistic, but fun. I like the Desert 3 terrain as well, with Sharnak and Dohar added as collateral nations. A parallel with Jordan and Syria seems completely believable, WK did some great skins for Paran. I dig the Mig-17PEV and have used it a bunch. Spinners had done those Dhimari squadrons, I thought about how nice it would be for an ORBAT on both nations.

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just finally installed the orignal SF2 and trying to determine the history of Dhimar


First the earth cooled, then the dinosaurs came, then they all died and turned the oil......

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on a serious note got drill this weekend thinkin on trying to make a OrBat for the Dhimar AF and possibly navy. eyeing with this in mind.... what if Prince Fa'ad went two tier in his approach to the AF? hiring mercs in 59 thru say 66 while developing a professional AF? not as US centric as one would think with my thought process and tack on the results of an arms embargo somewhere along the way... will be developing for roughly every 5 years from 59 to 65. work on some back story too while i'm at it. hmmmm gotta look up Arab Hunter skins.....

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anyone know where Saudi Arabia stood in WW2? my line of logic in the history project is to be British centric til around '57, then buy American through the 60s. i know Egypt, Saudi and Kuwait got most of their gear from the brits until the 60's and thinkin the same path for DhAF. Their Navy can start its carrier branch in 57, but go British after an arms embargo in the 70s.( yeah gettin a bit deep with backstory...) doing best to keep it stock and CA mods so this can be modded and available easy enough.

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Okay the Saudi's if I remember wsa UK Centric until around the 1950's and then changed suppliers to the US with the odd purchase of UK Kit for example Lightnings... as to the others Egypt went from UK to Russia around 1955 with President Nasser in charge and the Kuwaiti's until around the mid early 70's when they went French Mirage F-1CK and US A-4... :drinks: need any help with the writing etc let me know also they could have aligned with the Pre-Revolution Iran just an idea and then moved away after the Revolution... :drinks:


As to the Naval aspect why not stay British they get one of the WW2 Carriers and a Squadron of Seahawks around 1956 and keep them flying until the mid 70's and trade up for F-8's and A-4's to throw of the pointy end...

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