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Building a new F-5E(Saeqeh)

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Can anyone build Saeque for us

It's an Iranian Fighter based on F-5E but with 2 Rudders

It should be single seat and uses US weapons not Russia

It has only one gun (instead of two) and five weapon stations (without sidewinder rail)

It has two engines (a kind of J-85 GE-21 but more powerful than that)

It's cockpit looks like F-5E but with some different like a new HUD and a new sight.

It's more maneuverable than standard Tiger (70 percent better than F-5E)

I give you the pictures of this jet

here is the photos:




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We already got one



In Parani coulours, but there should be some IRIAF skins for it too.

We don't have any Two seat Saeqeh

Our Saeqeh all of them are single seat

They don't have sidewinder rail

They have more varied skins than you said there is in http://combatace.com/files/file/10453-fictional-parani-saeqeh-thunderbolt/

That Saeqeh is really full of mistakes

Please help me Building this one

If you want more picyures call me soon

Good luck!

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Not to be rude.....


These are your very two first posts here ever, and you already are requesting???

A little searching from your part would have shed some light on the fact that:

1: It is a community of volunteer enthousiasts.

2: There are oodles of projects already available free of charge.

3: There are oodles of projects already in different stages of completion.

4: If it isn't here, do it yourself or be patient...


Other than that, I wellcome you to the board on behalf of the looney bin members!



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Well who ever does this make sure that the FM is 70% better than the F-5Es, also it should be able to avoid all EM radiation with ease - and thats no cannon in the nose that's a laser gun mate!

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Mr.Muesli please be polite

I just want the friends to help me building this aircraft

At the end Do you want to help me building this?



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