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"Failed to create DirectX device"

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After a fresh install of Merged SF2 titles to SF2NA, during main menu screen or sometimes when I enter a sub menu I get a ctd with an alert "Failed to create DirectX device". The game stops responding and I have to restart, which then runs normally. I am running Dx11 which never gave any problems with SF2E Merged, only when I added NA. I'm kinda wondering if it's my install order:











And do I really need the x1, x2 installs when adding NA, that is to say, does NA include those updates?

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The best way to avoid patch headaches is to re-download all the titles you have purchased online from Thirdwire. You just need the authorization code from one of your prior purchases to access the fully patched, latest version of every title you have purchased. It really simplifies life!

Just to be safe, you should probably download the latest DirectX redist package from Microsoft. The last one I have is dated June 2010.

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Yes, if your fresh install included Windows itself, you likely are missing DX files needed by SF2. Every patch used to include them, I think even ROF's updates run one every time. Those libraries must be kept current with the program itself.

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make sure you get DX10, irrc, SF2 runs in 10, not 11. AND instll the dX9 as well (I had to when I replaced the HD/OS/Vidcard in Sept)

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