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Mod Mafia (Mig Factory) Mig29K.rar

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Mod Mafia (Mig Factory) Mig29K.rar


| |

| Mikoyan-Gourevitch MiG-29K "Fulcrum-D"

Originally Mig-29C |

| |



The Mirage Factory and Olivier ANGUILLE (BPAo) are proud to offer you :



The Mikoyan-Gourevitch MiG-29 "Fulcrum"







This is a temporary mod of the great MF Mig29C to represent the Mig-29K naval version.

I have included basic cockpit,until suitable one is released.

This mod is until the new Mig29`s appear..I did it as a stopgap,and didnt expect to do so much to it to


bring it to the K version.

This is as is...so if not 100% correct,it will have to suffice til the new K arrives.

If you choose to mod the cockpit to match the K then it will have to be for personal use unless


otherwise allowed by original maker.


In this pack

Indian Navy "Black Panthers" Aircraft.

Numbers 800-815

I think the numbers are correct as far as I could find out.

Russian Navy (Kuznetzov)

numbers 300-320

also K painted for the Maks2007 Airshow.numbers again are from what little I could find.

numbers 940-949

This a\c has Folding wings..which are set by using SHIFT+0

canopy is SHIFT+9

Hook is H key

also has temporary refuel probe...it is basic as it would involve too much time remodeling the 3d

model,time I havent really got.This is used via the keys

Refuelprobe SHIFT+8


Once extracted,you will find in Aircraft folder,a folder

named common,copy the files to BOTH mig29K folders.

All effects are included,new afterburner effect..(closer to what ive seen)

sounds etc...copy and paste or move and click yes to overwrite.

Backup your files in case of error...it does happen...lol


Ab effect.

Folding wings.

Tail Hook

Proper flaps

Stabilizers (sharktooth)

Animated Fans

Refuelprobe SHIFT+8

I am currently redoiung panel lines and a few bits...will update asap.

I think that covers it all...if I have omitted anything..please post on the D\L page as its easier if in


one place.



Mirage Factory..(goes without saying)

FastCargo for the loadouts and help with the folding wing issues I had.and testing.

Fubar is doing an FM...and testing.

thnx to others for advice and references.

Hope this mod will do until we get new models.

Thnx for downloading and enjoy.


Russoworx [2013]


Edited by russouk2004

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Well, then the included FM is fine if you're into X-wing versus TIE-fighter. The fuel consumption values are wrong, tank capacities are off, aero values were obtained from God knows what, etc.

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lol well I'll wait until you upload the finished FM then :smile:

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I know Fu,so many were asking for it so popped it up....im sure peeps will apreciate the new FM when youve done it.

Hopefully i ll have done the template complete by same time.

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Hey! Not to be a party pooper or anything...but...I downloaded the plane...and a bunch of stuff is missing! Cockpit and avionic .ini's are AWOL... Any clues gents?

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There should be another "common" folder that you copy and paste into each directory (indian Navy and Kuznetsov).

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Really? That's new :aggressive: ! I downloaded the update...but it failed to solve the problem. I'll take a look at the folder again. Thanks for the clues!

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