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SkyWatch - The Royal Air Force 'in action' - (1974)

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I was 14 when this was on tv in uk and I actually remember it..some good classic tv...

well done programme about UK`s "Skywatch" RAF etc air defence in the 70`s

Thought uk guys would like...also anyone else..

shows good old Brit airmen doing what they are good at...


SkyWatch - BBC - 21/6/1974.

Presented by Raymond Baxter.

From RAF Wittering - Features a wide range of Royal Air Force Aircraft from 38 years ago, including Phantoms (Photo Reconnaissance) (Ground Attack) (Air to Air - Intruder intercept of Russian TU-95 Bear - Meteor shoot down), Lightnings (Take Off and rapid climb), Vulcans (Take off and ground attack) , Victor (Take off) , Harriers (Take off from various dispersals, formation, ground attack, reconnaissance, Jaguars (take off and ground attack), Bulldog (training flight, a first for Acting Pilot Officer Steven Wilkin of the University of London Air Squadron supervised by Flt. Lt. Punkett), Jet Provosts, Gnats (The Red Arrows led by Sqdn Ldr Ian Dick AFC, MBE), Nimrod of 201 Squadron RAF Kinloss ( flypast and film of a reconnaissance sortie over the North Sea during Whitsun 1974 where various Russian Navy ships are observed including a Nuclear Submarine and various Cruisers and Destroyers), Buccaneers from 12 Squadron, Honington (including Air to Ground attack) and much more.


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