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I would like to omit night missions from periodically popping up in campaigns in SF2 Vietnam.


Anybody know if I can omit the night missions using entries in ini files?


Thanks in advance.


Night landing is terrible on carriers due to the lack of landing lights, and I dont want to ruin the feel of the game by installing a modern carrier mod albeit with landing lights.

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I suggest playing them but without landing. Popping out the VPAF with sparrows, bright dots in the night sky, sams, the tracers of the B-52s you escort when MiG-17PF get on their tails...priceless. I just did an strike mission with VF-51 in Linebacker 2, and it was great to dominate the Farmers for a change

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In the aircrafts data.ini you might be able to change:




whether that works - cant remember



The Migs used to just dogfight like it was day time - one reason I never bothered - but you can make the night darker and practice instrument flying at low level

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