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Hi all!!


This is for skinners that don´t know this site, and want to use FS (Federal Standard) colors for their projects.


1st- Go here: http://www.colorserver.net/


2nd- Write the color code and click "Display color"


3rd- Right click and "save as" doesn´t work!! so, you will need a screen capturer

(The easiest to use, at least for me, here: http://screencapturer.com/ )



NOTE: Color codes can be found in sites or forums related to static modeling, or plans for those. There is a HUGE ( :shok: )discussion about this!!


I hope you enjoy it! :good:

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Yes!!! I use this one too!! and there is some other site too, I can't recall now...


I recommend making an image file with spots of colors, a palette... maybe with RGB values also written.


As for USSR planes, the most accurate colors are from real life model making, there is a firm AKAN in Moscow. they use real paint samples to reproduce tones for their acrillic and enamel paints. the only problem is that their colors are not converted to any computer usable standard(((

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"Googling" a little, i have found this site, there are some info about "Federal Standard Colors" and some color charts. (Including one for AKAN paints, but it´s too blurred) All in pdf format.




Also i found another site, there is a online shop that has some trademarks (like humbroll, tamiya, akan..)




Well, here there are two more, but i think there will be a lot of sites with references...

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Cool site eric. Just bookmarked it


I have apallette for fs colors in PS . Think i got it at simmers paintshop but not sure. Trying to remember so i can load it into PS touch

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