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Mesh/Model Shadow Not Appearing? (make sure 2-sided is not checked)

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All, since I got tired of waiting/begging for 3d modeling help and decided to pick up some basic modeling skills myself, I ran into one strange problem that caused me to go bonkers for a while.



I couldn't get a certain part of my mesh model to cast a shadow, while the other parts did.



Long-story short, I ended up solving the problem by making sure in 3DS Max under the "Shader Basic Parameters" roll-out the "2-sided" checkbox option was NOT checked. (And yes I already know 2-sided parameters in general are not recommended, but in some cases they are needed/practical).


Just thought I'd pass this along in case it could help anyone else out in the future. :good:

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I use double sided on things you may see sky through...such as fuselages etc...otherwise you see daylight between say fuselage and nose for example....one thing to check is mesh properties then look top right at user defined properties.

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