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SF2 WW2 Hawker Hurricane IIC (ETO), by Raven

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SF2 WW2 Hawker Hurricane IIC (ETO), by Raven

SF2 WW2 Hawker Hurricane IIC (ETO), by Raven


-- Something for the WW2 ETO players --

= For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


*There is a distinct possibility that this mod will work in SF/Wo* 1stGen game installs.

However, due to some of the modifications made to fit them into the SF2 environment (read: data

ini/cockpit tweeks, destroyed model, flare effects, decal randomization, etc), all the features

will =NOT= be working as designed.*


Some modificationa, tweeks, reskins and so forth for Raven's excellent Hurricane Mk.IIC, create

an SF2-ish version. (although it needed very little work!!). This mod represents ETO based

Mk.IIcs as used in the "Night Intruder" role for attacks on The Continent. Most other Mission

Tasking remains.


Note: this is a COMPLETE aircraft mod, with all the bits and bobs included. Originially, I'd

planned ONLY for a smaller package with just the inis, skins and such, but chose to do a full

release. If you already have the IIC in your ETO mods folder, it's suggested that you either

delete it or rename the folder so the Game Engine don't see it.


1 new skin, and a slight revamp of the originial, from Raven's template, and bunches of new

decals. Included are skins for:


No. 87 Squadron "United Provinces" (Temperate Day/Night Unders -folder still called "Night")

No. 247 Squadron "China-British" (Overall Night)


As seen post-1941ish.

Each skin has the squadron crest as the paint chip, as seen on the Loadout Screen. All new

Squadron Codes, Plane-in-Group Letters and serial numbers were created. Decal randomization is


Cockpit mods replace the gunsight, and the loadout has been slightly adjusted. The CM flares

have been replaced by the KAW Parachute Illuminator flares (ie: pod) for night target


Weapons include the aforementions flare, their Effects, and the drop tank, converted to SF2

weapons format. Guns and bombs are NOT included; these you should have already.

The engine now uses the AvHistory Merlin sound.

The skins remain in their bmp format.

A new SF2 version of the original "photograph" hangar screen is included.


When 'in game', you'll see "Hurricane Mk.IIC (Raven)" on the drop down menu. This will

differentiate it from any other Hurri IICs you may (or may not) have.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please

=READ= them =BEFORE= installing this mod!!!. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too. It

contains the Change List.


With Thanks To Raven for this bird,


Happy Hunting!


kevin stein


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one thing though Raven and not related to plane per se just to your Hurri cockpit, could you smooth out the front framing? It stands out with that lower poly mesh

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